Proglodytes Review - ProgStock 2021 Day 1 / Echoes Headline Performance

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Echoes, the American Pink Floyd, an absolute feast for the ears and the eyes. There are more than a few Pink Floyd cover bands out there – hell, I’m in one. What makes Echoes stand out is their stunning terrific stage show. Nearly every track was meticulously choreographed on a musical and technical level, whether it was the lights, the sound effects, or the action (see what I did there, Floyd fans?).

When you’re assessing a [tribute] band, it’s sometimes hard to truly gauge skill level outside of just affirming that they sound like the band they’re trying to emulate. Echoes managed to capture the sound and vibe quite well. The Gilmour solos were faithfully rendered in both notation and tone, the synth patches were spot on, but the true stars of the show for me were the three (4 with the addition of Lorelei McBroom) backup singers. Their harmonies made the stage sonically glow.

I’ve been listening to Pink Floyd for most of my life, and the music they played was all very familiar to me, but they successfully managed to bring that music to life in a way that I had not expected. As my friend Joe Dorsey (from The Tea Club) said during the set- “you can hit all the notes, but Pink Floyd is all about creating the vibe, and these guys created the vibe successfully.” They definitely researched their source material, borrowing from album versions, live performances, and movie adaptations to create a high quality, heartfelt tribute. You can tell that this group of people care about the music, and care to deliver it in a way that is as gripping and powerful as it should be. The light show was absolutely phenomenal, and worthy of a Pink Floyd endorsement. Kudos to Echoes for a job well done (and for an absolutely mighty encore, or maybe it was a 3rd set?). I’d credit each member, but it’s a big crew! 

Bringing The Great Gig In The Sky To Earth And Back To The Dark Side Of The Moon

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Mighty echoes of Pink Floyd blow roof off Asbury Park’s Stone Pony

My Pink Floyd journey started in circa 1976 when I first listened to Wish You Were Here, yet another gem in my older sister’s vinyl record collection at the time. Whether she did so consciously or not, once again I realize I owe her a debt of gratitude for introducing me to various great artists I continue to dig to this day, more than 40 years later.

When it comes to Pink Floyd, I suppose the closest original live experience you can get these days is Roger Waters whose Us + Them tour is set to hit South America and Mexico in October. We may also be able to look forward to more gigs from David Gilmour but the outlook is still unclear. When discussing his Live At Pompeii album in September 2017, he said he’d be very uncomfortable to do another tour without new material, adding he has several new songs close to completion.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t just hop on a plane to catch Waters in South America; and frankly even if I could, I’m not even sure I would want to. The prospect of being able to see Gilmour look uncertain at this time. So what’s a Floyd fan like me to do? Enter  Echoes, “The American Pink Floyd.” It’s obvious this tribute band from Delaware doesn’t aim to look like Roger WatersDavid GilmourRichard Wright and Nick Mason but instead is all about capturing the great music. And that they do incredibly well!